Production Process

J-Tec Metal Products is built on lean, efficient metal working processes. From our Order Entry Computer keeping track of delivery schedules to Engineering Software that precisely makes flat patterns. From lean manufacturing, building parts as you need them, to shipping complete assemblies when you want them. J-Tec Metal Products wants to be your partner in manufacturing.

Traditional Precision Sheet Metal Processes with Amada Turret Presses to punch out blanks and build low profile forms. Press Brakes with modern CNC back gages to efficiently bend metal forms. TIG, and MIG Welders with educated operators to create leak proof, blemish free welds. Spot Welders with power inverters to save electricity and flawlessly join materials together.

Amada Lasers to cut the complicated shapes. Laser cut large round holes, with straight sides, and no burrs. Laser cut shapes and outside radii with no special tools. Cut complex shapes from a computer file with no extra tool cost and little set-up time.

To round out J-Tec Metal Products we have CNC Machine Centers to mill and tap and complete our production process.


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