Our Services

J-Tec not only builds the finest metal parts, we also complete the parts using any process requested. We have the unique advantage in the Chicago area to be close to many secondary finishing shops. We have close relationships with every shop in the Midwest and can provide:

  • Powder Coating
  • Painting
  • Zinc Plating
  • Electro-polishing
  • Silk Screening

Each part is custom manufactured to customer specified requirements. J-Tec works best when we can help in the beginning of the design process. Our combined 30 + years of experience give us the knowledge to help recommend materials and processes that result in cost savings and quality improvements.


J-Tec has the equipment to process any type of metalwork, from laser cutting, stamping, Bridgeport mills and engine lathes to punch presses and CNC Manual and Precision Machines, Precision Turning, we have them all. We build prototypes and pre-production parts.


Many skilled metal finishing companies specialize in these processes in the Chicago area. J-Tec has good relationships with all of these companies and uses the company best suited for specific color, process, or customer request.


Polishing is the art of preparing a smooth surface. Some applications require a mirror finish. Other applications require a scratch free finish. We have all of the tools, abrasives, and skillful people to provide meet all types of surface finish requests.


We use the best available cushioning materials to pack and protect the parts whenever parts leave our building. Shipments to customers are prepared using customer specified methods and materials, or to J-Tec standards.


J-Tec realizes the advantages for customers in receiving complete assemblies. J-Tec is constantly improving skills and methods to perform more assembly operations when requested by customers. We rivet parts together, bolt on accessories, and install gages. The customer can supply the assembled items or J-Tec can purchase them on their behalf. We look forward to the opportunities of completing assemblies.


Our process starts with a personal visit from one of our trained Sales Engineers to evaluate your needs. Call J-Tec today to arrange a visit.